Take a holiday

31 08 2010

“When the boss is away, work becomes a holiday.”

(Portuguese Proverb)

Yesterday was a public holiday in the UK. Looking up the origins of the word holiday you will find that it is a combination of two Old English words, one meaning holy and the other meaning day. So, the word holiday literally had a meaning of both “religious festival” and “day of recreation.”

The things that people associate with these days have no doubt varied over time. It is said that the dates selected in 1871 to be official “bank holidays was chosen because the man in charge of this legislation was a big fan of cricket. He believed that all bank employees should be able to watch a game of cricket and the dates selected all coincided with the dates when cricket matches were traditionally played were he was raised!

Now a days, we perhaps associate the dates with busy traffic, special scheduling on the TV and hoping that the weather will be nice. :)

What would happen if you treated today as a holy day? If you took the day off from struggling and striving for success. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean don’t go into work if you are suppose to or not feed your children etc.

Perhaps for you it would mean creating space and time for physically taking a break.

Research has actually shown that taking time off can actually increase productivity. A 4-year study published in the Harvard Business Review forced participants to “take time off.” It’s findings were, that in comparisons to others not taking part in the study within the same company, participants were:

· Happier with their work-life balance

· More likely to stay with the company

· More satisfied with their jobs

Equally customers reported that they were receiving higher quality of service than prior to the start of the study.

Perhaps for you treating today as a holy day, is about taking a day off from worrying. That doesn’t mean that you don’t take action on things that need to have action taken just you take the day off from worrying about them. Generally when someone worries they are dwelling on a particular fear(s) and don’t take any action – often because they think there is nothing that can be done.

If you were to take the day off from worrying, what would you do? Maybe it would involve doing some exercise; perhaps it would involve some relaxation techniques, possibly even taking some action or something else.

Maybe for you treating today as a holy day is about seeing how much more fun you can add into your day and still do your regular routine.

This week I invite you to treat today as a holy day and notice the difference that makes for you.

Have a week fun of holiness :)




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31 08 2010
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