Jen Waller

Jen Waller

Jen Waller has spent many years studying and learning with some of the best in her field. The work that she does now incorporates all that and she specialises in encouraging, inspiring and nurturing those who are actively or seeking to change direction.

Prior to establishing her own practice Jen worked in business for 8 years where one of her principle roles was training and developing staff, who (being customer facing) needed strong confidence to maximise their results. Jen found that she increasingly spent more and more time working directly on building confidence and self-belief and got some fantastic results using both training and coaching. In her last role before she left Jen was instrumental in the team being finalists in a European award in training.

Since then Jen decided to leave employment and establish her own practice. Jen has a passion for empowering her clients by working gently and non-judgementally. By pinpointing any obstacles that may be getting in the way of their goals, Jen tailor makes the work that she does to the needs and wishes of each individual client, allowing them to take new skills and perspective into a brighter future in tune with their real desires.

Jen finds that often the catalyst for people contacting her is some form of change – either enforced upon them or one that they want to make for themselves. They all think it would be easier if they had more confidence and self-belief. Results that Jen’s clients have achieved since starting working with her include:

  • Finding a new job and being happy working for the first time in years.
  • Being in a loving relationship where they can see a bright future unfolding ahead of them.
  • Moving abroad to follow a life long desire.

It is not uncommon for others to notice positive changes in Jen’s clients as they report feeling more confident and having an increase in self belief.

Some of the things others have said:

“I just want to say a ”VERY BIG THANK YOU” to you as this has helped me no ends! I wake up in the morning feeling so much better about myself! I have made new friends and applied for a new job .. I have made so many new friends and not afraid to speak what is truly on my mind.

I cannot thank you enough and i have told ALL of my family and friends about you and they have noticed a VERY BIG change in me!”

(Nathan Mcfarlane)

“Jen is the kind of coach that other coaches aspire to be. She’s fantastic. Grab any opportunity to spend time with her.”

(Chris Morris, World Class Training Provider and host of NLP Connections.)

“Working with Jen as been a fantastic experience. In just a few short sessions I have learned things about myself I never had realised before. Jen as helped me to identify what I really want and I have now defined some clear goals. I have set some objectives along the way to achieving my goals and I’m already beginning to see results!
Jen is pleasant and easy to work with. She is very skilled in her approach.
I highly recommend Jen’s services.”
(Mike Gee. United Kingdom)

“Although I was initially nervous about what to expect, Jen put me at ease and made it fun. After each session I felt so much better and ready to take on the world, with a toolkit of exercises to use as and when I needed.

I would recommend Jenny as she is professional, very approachable and she gets results. ”
(Sophie Wise. England)

“From the very first phone call I was amazed at how much Jen was able to draw out of me and just how motivated I began to feel. I feel positive about my future and know I CAN do what I’m planning without fear! I would recommend Jen without hesitation!”
(Deborah Roberts. United Kingdom)

Working with Jen has been very helpful. She has not only been motivating, but has helped me to find a balance and to progress towards my objectives. Her non-judgmental approach has given me confidence in her, and she has always been punctual and accommodating with my schedule. I highly recommend her”
(V.S. United Kingdom)

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