Free Rice

8 01 2010

2 common New Year’s resolution involves doing more for others and learning. FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Program that covers both of these aspects. Free Rice aims to:

  • Provide education to everyone for free.
  • Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.
  • The concept is simple, you pick a catergory to answer questions from:

    • Art
    • Chemestry
    • English
    • Geography
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Maths

    For every question you get right 10 grains of rice gets donate to help end world hunger.

    To play your part click Here


    Get Everything Done and Still have Time to Play

    7 01 2010



    Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play [ link]
    Get Everything Done: And Still Have Time to Play [ link]

    If you feeling pressured with having too much to do in too little time you’ll be relieved to find that this book is not only easy to read and is full of down to earth and common sense.

    This is also NOT a time management book that is the size of a phone book! It is a short read so that you can start applying the content to your life to make a difference to your time crisis.


    The get it done guy’s quick and dirty tips to work less and do more podcast

    5 01 2010

    If you have ever looked at podcasts on I-tunes you may already have come across The Get it Done Guy’s quick and dirty tips to work less and do more podcast in the top 20.

    Written and recorded by Stever Robbins the podcast is about helping you to do things better, to work less and do more! Click here to read and hear for yourself some of his practical thoughts and tips on productivity.


    Quit Smoking Today

    4 01 2010

    Click here for link

    This book is accompanied by it’s own CD both designed to help you to retain your mind and body to not need cigarettes, so that you can quit smoking and feel better. It also covers common concerns with stopping smoking such as gaining weight, how to deal with cravings and what it means if you have tried before to quit smoking.


    Dealing With Interview Nerves: Interactive Coaching program

    3 01 2010

    Today’s New Year resource recommendation is for those who are want to get a new job in 2010 but are concerned that nerves could trip you up.

    “Dealing with Interview Nerves: The interactive coaching program” combines the content from my recent MP3 release and introduces some of the interactivity and accountability that previously only my one to one packages offered.

    What you get:

    • 11 audio tracks all designed to tackle the various causes of interview nerves and give you methods that work to use before and during an interview.
    • 11 worksheets to accompany each track. Each worksheet includes a transcript of the track and space to fill in your own personal answers to questions from and about the content of the track.
    • 1 months email coaching/support based upon your answers on the worksheets.

    I’ve taken the common things that get in peoples way and collected practical methods, questions and techniques that will make a difference to your interview nerves.

    The email coaching/support then allows us to play with the content, to tailor it specifically so you get maximum benefit. I want this to be a program that you not only use but also one that makes a positive impact upon your interviews and your life.

    By the end of the program you will have:

    • Identified any limiting beliefs about nerves and interviews so you can do something about them
    • Challenged the 3 most common assumptions about nerves and interviews, so that they don’t get in the way of any of the other techniques
    • Used spinning to feel something different instead of nerves
    • Looked at possible outcomes and taken necessary steps
    • Be able to use your breath to control how you feel
    • Be able to use body posture for a quick burst of confidence
    • Used your own knowledge about what will make a difference for you
    • Reduced stress by being prepared
    • Identified the message you want to communicate to your potential future employer
    • Checked how you were imagining the interviewers and the situation and played with that image so that you feel different
    • Rehearsed and practiced the interview in advance (and I don’t mean with role-plays)
    • Identified and committed to take action that will make a difference for you

    One of the reasons many books and programs that fall into the self-help category do not have a higher success rate is because people buy them and then don’t use them. The book will stay sat on the shelf gathering dust or the program will sit on the computer or in a box ignored.

    I specifically designed this course to build in elements of accountability to make it easy for you to get started and use the material. So I have set the price to encourage you to use this immediately – £79 for 1 month.

    After that you will still have access to all the audio and worksheets (plus the emailed coaching/support we have already done.) However if, for whatever reason you have not yet completed all the sheets, then to carry on with the email support the cost is £50 per month.

    I guarantee that I will respond to every worksheet within 1 week of receiving it. In reality this will probably be a lot quicker depending upon my travelling and one to one clients schedule for that week.

    By offering it in this format I hope that this will ensure that this will make a difference for you in dealing with your interview nerves.

    As this does have the individual email support I want to make sure that everyone on this program gets the support offered in a timely manner. This means that there only a limited number of places available on the program at any one time.

    To book your place now and get started right away click

    I look forward to working with you




    Hypno Drunk

    2 01 2010

    Today’s New Year resource recommendation is Hypno Drunk.

    Is your New Years Resolution to stop or lower the amount of alchol you drink?

    Have you ever wondered what it will be like to get drunk without touching a drop?

    Can you imagine having a great night out without the hangover and other side effects of drinking?

    Hypno Drunk is a specially designed MP3 that will take you through using your mind to alter your state.

    Hypno Drunk is a powerful hypnotic adventure designed to take you through the natural stages of getting drunk by simply using your own mind.

    Click here to get your copy for less than it costs to buy a pint in most parts of the UK!


    The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets

    1 01 2010

    Happy New Year!

    Today’s New Year Resource recommendation is The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets.

    The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets is a unique approach to balancing weight loss with health, happiness and style.

    The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets represents the unveiling of the secrets that celebrity life coach Ali Campbell has perfected working with clients from rock stars to royalty to help them achieve their goals.

    The programme is NOT about dieting and caters specifically to people who don’t like exercise and really don’t want to spend hours in a gym.

    The style used throughout is funny, engaging, irreverent and above all available to everybody who wants to be slim, healthy and stylish – there are no judgements and nobody need feel alone or that this programme is “not for me”.

    Ali is a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, a Personal Trainer and highly effective motivator  rolled into one.

    The Box contains a 200+ page book, 2 DVDs, 2CDs and a specially designed style guide. The design of the package is aspirational and engaging. The package is supported by a world class and highly compelling community based, social
    networking website where members may interact with others on the same journey and gain additional interactive content from a faculty of specialists.

    Ali Campbell Says:
    “As most people will tell you, diets alone don’t work. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with many diets, what ‘is’ wrong is the whole concept of being ‘on’ a diet and then returning to your old ways afterwards. The Slim Girl’s Box Of Secrets is totally different, because it’s not about dieting, in fact it does not contain anything that could be described as a diet. Instead it allows anybody to aspire to a permanently slim figure combined with a fit, healthy and  active lifestyle by revealing to them the real secrets of naturally slim and stylish women.

    First, the box of secrets contains a book, 55,000 words of encouragement written in my own conversational style containing the genuine techniques, and strategies I have used over the years and presented in 5 sections Slim,  Fit, Healthy, Active and Stylish.

    The book contains an undercurrent of hypnotic language which on its own would often be enough to help someone lose weight but, I have backed it up with so much more.

    There are DVDs, audio CDs and a style tool kit. One of the DVDs shows me working with a real client to demonstrate many of the secrets of eliminating cravings, switching off those ‘must have’ foods like chocolate and dealing easily with stress.

    Another DVD features a complete exercise program designed specifically for people who don’t like exercise. The program does not involve going to the gym but can be performed at home without special equipment and is presented in a voyeuristic style by a top personal trainer as she works with the same client. Then those same exercises are presented in an easy routine for the viewer to follow along at home.

    One of the audio CDs contains the slim girl’s key secret, designed to be used daily for weight loss without dieting. This is exactly as I would do for a private client.

    On the next CD I personally guide the listener through each of the life changing techniques in the book to make them easier to follow and even more effective.”

    The last thing in the box itself is the style tool kit, enabling the user to perform their own colour analysis, match their face shape to their ideal hair style and get a better understanding of their body shape and how to dress it to make the most of their natural assets.

    Then we have the part that makes all the difference…
    We have developed a unique community based, social networking website where friendships can be formed and notes of encouragement passed and pinned to each others virtual fridge. In their profile page they can plot their progress and log it in their personal journal.

    While in the main part of the site, they will find a growing library of slim, fit, healthy, active and style articles, and can take part in the discussion forums and view live, reactive web casts from myself and many other experts as we address current discussion topics in our faculty section, the site even has an ‘unburden board’ where members can get their secrets off their chest and share them with the world while remaining totally anonymous.

    We would love to enhance the site with some celebrity content in the form of quotes, or tips or even a few juicy anonymous secrets to add to our community! We’d like you to help us make the experience even more fun and engaging to ensure that many more women benefit from this new and innovative yet tried and proven approach…
    The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets really is a unique approach to balancing weight loss with health, happiness and style since it does not involve dieting and is tailored for the majority of us who don’t really enjoy exercise (although of course it works for exerciseaholics too!)”.

    Click Here to find out more and to get your copy

    “I had one appointment with Ali, and two months later I have lost 20lbs… I even lost weight over Christmas. There is no effort involved, I just think like a thin person… it will change your weight  and your life” – Sheena

    “Since having the session with Ali for weight loss, I have dropped down two dress sizes. I am now a size 8 thank you so much you have changed my life” – Franchesca

    Visit this link to find out more so you can stop worrying about your weight and appearance.


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