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26 06 2011

As you may have spotted by the lack of updates this particular blog is no-longer actively posted upon.I am happy to leave this site active for now as an archive.

If you are a coach or interested in coaching visit Coaching Confidence, the coaching blog at


New Coaching Blog

16 08 2010

For those of you who are coaches or are interesting in coaching then you may want to have a read of my new blog at

While there is bound to be exceptions the following is a guide to what will be posted when on Coaching Confidence.

Monday – A post from the back catalogue of my general life improvement messages (including posts about confidence). If you are a long time reader of this blog many will seem familiar but it’s often useful to revisit ideas.

Wednesday – A post specifically about coaching in all it’s many forms and the topics that may involve.

Friday – A post by a guest author or offering a recommendation for coaches and those interested in.

I want the site to provide informative and valuable information with a real mix of opinions, approaches and methods.

Visit today to have a read of what is already there and if you are interested in being one of the Friday guest posters for Coaching Confidence email me so we can schedule your post :)


New Year Resources

30 12 2009

New Year is often the time when people make resolutions, set goals and generally decide what they want to create in 2010.

Over the next few days I’ll be highlighting a particular resource each day but you can always jump ahead now by clicking on a link below to find out more information.

To help here is a list of resources to make that easier for you.

What to create/set

Creating the Impossible

The Best Year Yet

Support for Common New Year Resolutions/goals

The Slim Girls Little Box of Secrets

Quit Smoking Today

Hypno Drunk

Money Made Fun

Dealing with Interview Nerves: The interactive coaching package

Get everything done and still have time to play

The Get it Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More

Free Rice


Dealing With Interview Nerves: The Interactive Coaching Program

8 08 2009

I’m very excited to be offering my coaching in a new format.

“Dealing with Interview Nerves: The interactive coaching program” combines the content from my recent MP3 release and introduces some of the interactivity and accountability that previously only my one to one packages offered.

What you get:

  • 11 audio tracks all designed to tackle the various causes of interview nerves and give you methods that work to use before and during an interview.
  • 11 worksheets to accompany each track. Each worksheet includes a transcript of the track and space to fill in your own personal answers to questions from and about the content of the track.
  • 1 months email coaching/support based upon your answers on the worksheets.

I’ve taken the common things that get in peoples way and collected practical methods, questions and techniques that will make a difference to your interview nerves.

The email coaching/support then allows us to play with the content, to tailor it specifically so you get maximum benefit. I want this to be a program that you not only use but also one that makes a positive impact upon your interviews and your life.

By the end of the program you will have:

  • Identified any limiting beliefs about nerves and interviews so you can do something about them
  • Challenged the 3 most common assumptions about nerves and interviews, so that they don’t get in the way of any of the other techniques
  • Used spinning to feel something different instead of nerves
  • Looked at possible outcomes and taken necessary steps
  • Be able to use your breath to control how you feel
  • Be able to use body posture for a quick burst of confidence
  • Used your own knowledge about what will make a difference for you
  • Reduced stress by being prepared
  • Identified the message you want to communicate to your potential future employer
  • Checked how you were imagining the interviewers and the situation and played with that image so that you feel different
  • Rehearsed and practiced the interview in advance (and I don’t mean with role-plays)
  • Identified and committed to take action that will make a difference for you

One of the reasons many books and programs that fall into the self-help category do not have a higher success rate is because people buy them and then don’t use them. The book will stay sat on the shelf gathering dust or the program will sit on the computer or in a box ignored.

I specifically designed this course to build in elements of accountability to make it easy for you to get started and use the material. So I have set the price to encourage you to use this immediately – £79 for 1 month.

After that you will still have access to all the audio and worksheets (plus the emailed coaching/support we have already done.) However if, for whatever reason you have not yet completed all the sheets, then to carry on with the email support the cost is £50 per month.

I guarantee that I will respond to every worksheet within 1 week of receiving it. In reality this will probably be a lot quicker depending upon my travelling and one to one clients schedule for that week.

By offering it in this format I hope that this will ensure that this will make a difference for you in dealing with your interview nerves.

As this does have the individual email support I want to make sure that everyone on this program gets the support offered in a timely manner. This means that there only a limited number of places available on the program at any one time.

To book your place now and get started right away click

I look forward to working with you




Lessons of gratitude from my cat audio available

17 07 2009

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If you prefer to listen to this weeks “Lessons of gratutude from my cat” message click HERE and then press play.


Take control over what you feel audio available

15 07 2009

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If you prefer to listen to “Take Control Over What You Feel” message click HERE and then press play.


“Have you heard the one about the dreamer, the realist and the critic?” audio available

1 07 2009

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If you prefer to listen to this weeks “Have you heard the one about the dreamer, the realist and the critic?” message click HERE and then press play.


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