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16 04 2009

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Will Power

14 04 2009

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”
(Anatole France)
I was asked recently for general ways to increase your will power. Here are some of the things I shared for those looking to increase their will power.
As always you are the expert on you, so if you have a way that works for you then do keep doing that. If what you are doing isn’t working here are a few things you may want to consider.
Firstly, do you genuinely actually want the end result, or is this something you “should” do or someone else wants? I’ve found people find it a lot easier if its something they really want. You may want to keep a reminder of what it is that you are working towards.
For example, I was chatting to a friend not that long ago who was feeling overwhelmed with a book they were writing and had come to a complete standstill. They were complaining that they just didn’t have any will power to get it done.
I suspected before we even carried on with the conversation that will power wasn’t the problem. They had just lost sight of why they were writing it. I got an email the next day asking what I had done as they had woken up all inspired and had started writing no problem – they’d got back in touch with why they were writing.
People also are far more likely to do more of anything if they are enjoying what they are doing. Find ways of making what you want more fun to work towards.
I don’t know about you but when I think of anything that I expect to need more will power, I’m already expecting it to be hard work and difficult. How can you make this easier?
For example, if you want to do more exercise and can’t face the gym, what make it easier for you? How about finding a gym buddy, taking up dancing or walking the dog an extra time a day?
Get started by just taking one action. After that all you have to do is the very next action.
When I work with people over a longer time span, one of the things I build into the structure of the package is regular seasons. The accountability aspect really helps people keep the momentum going. Sharing the commitment with somebody else, be it a family member, friend, coach, trainer or someone else can be a big incentive to keep going.
Have a lovely week
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